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Tanker Seal

It is made from high quality polypropylene with metal inserts. This shipping label is quick to apply and has a breaking strength of 210 N. We can print any label uniquely with your company logo, barcode, text and/or unique numbers.

Brand Name – Go Robo

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Housing Material: PC

Wire Material: SS

Tensile Strength



1000 Pcs. / Box

Features and Benefits

  • Transparent body to allow for the detection of any tampering
  • Three Anchors for strongly holding the parts
  • 6 mm thin wire that can fit through small holes
  • The length of wire can be change
  • No other tools are needed to close the sew
  • wire linked to seal, making it easy to handle
  • Large surface area prevents grips from being accessible for breaching the seal, and each item is completely encased, making it impossible to tamper with.
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